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Skilled Worker Visa Canada

Want to work and live in Canada? The Skilled Worker Visa is a permanent residence Visa allowing you to immigrate to Canada. Up to 100,500 skilled worker Visas will be made available between 2007 and 2008.

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Temporary Work Visa Canada

Want to work in Canada? The Work Visa is one of the fastest routes for anyone who wishes to enter Canada to work temporarily. Temporary Work Permits can be processed by the Canadian government in as little as 1 day.

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Visitor Visa Canada

Want to visit Canada? Visiting Canada is a great way to experience the country. The Canadian Visitor Visa is intended for people who want to visit Canada for a short time. Some visitors may need a Temporary Resident Visa.

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Working Holiday Visa to Canada

Want to enjoy a working holiday? A working holiday is an ideal way to explore Canada and earn money. The Working Holiday Visa allows young people from eligible countries to work and explore Canada for a period of up to 12 months.

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Business Visa to Canada

Want to start or invest in a Canadian business? The Business Visa can help you make this a reality. The goal of the Business Class Visa is to encourage business people to invest in the Canadian economy and settle permanently.

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Spousal/Partner Visa to Canada

Want to join your spouse or partner in Canada? Your qualifying Canadian partner can sponsor you and your dependant children to start a new life in Canada. Both marriages and common-law relationships can qualify for this Visa..

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Student Visa to Canada

Want to study in Canada? Affordable tuition rates and the chance to study in English and French make Canada a top choice for foreign students. The Student Visa allows foreign students to study at one of Canada's world-class schools.

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Skilled Visas

Canada needs skilled workers to fill ongoing employee shortages.

In the past few years, more than half of all immigrants granted permanent residence in Canada entered through the skilled immigration scheme.

An applicant who has valuable work experience and educational qualifications is far more likely to qualify as a Federal Skilled Worker to Canada.

Applications must be made to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The application involves passing a points system based on six selection factors. An applicant must earn a minimum of 67 points currently in order to be considered for immigration.

Québec has its own skilled worker application process. To come to Canada as a Québec Skilled Worker, candidates must first apply to the Quebec Government for a Certificat de Séléction du Québec (CSQ).

After being selected by Québec, you must make a separate application to CIC for permanent residence.

A Visa Officer will assess your application based on Québec's immigration regulations.

However, it should be noted that Québec Skilled Workers are assessed on different selection criteria than the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

Instead, Québec uses twelve selection factors.

Provincial Nominee Programs
If candidates wish to apply under one of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs, they must first submit an application to their preferred province of settlement.

Each province has established its own selection criteria and procedures for choosing immigrants.

Please Note
Note that CIC has the final decision-making authority on admissibility.

Therefore you must meet all medical, security, and other immigration requirements as stipulated by immigration law and regulations.

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