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About Canada

Here we hope to assist you with your understanding of Canada and its...

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Canada is a major immigration country; approximately one in six of its...

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Travel Visa Canada

Please remember, whether on business or on a holiday, the short-term...

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Many tourists choose backpacking as their preferred method of travel...

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Why do more than 100,000 foreigners – either new immigrants...

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Canada’s economy is quite diverse, with a focus on natural resources...

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Without doubt, however, Canadian schools are first-rate...

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The cost of housing, both renting and buying, vary depending upon...

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Places to Visit

Canada is a suitable place for all types of holidays and has a reputation...

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Work, Study, Travel and Immigration Visas to Canada

Canada has much to offer to newcomers. It has a welcoming, inclusive culture, clean environment, natural beauty, and a prosperous economy.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, or just visiting, we hope to help your understanding of Canada and its people. We can provide you with facts & figures about the country, interesting historical information, a map, and photo gallery of some of Canada’s most picturesque spots that might be of interest to you.

For the traveler who needs to know more about preparing for their trip, an array of interesting information is provided under our ‘Useful Information’ section. Here you will discover tips on how to pack your bags, what travelers on even the strictest budgets can expect to pay on a daily basis, and learn more about Canada’s unique culture and society.

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